Ana Carvalho

Pilates classes in Moorgate, Central London

Why Exercise with us?

Hello & Welcome!

Ana Carvalho Pilates Studio, located at the beautiful "Light Centre " offers a variety of classes to suit different needs.

Pilates was developed over 100 years ago by the german born Joseph Pilates, a physical system of exercises focusing in lengthening and strengthening the body for a better alignment and quality of life.

In the Studio you can expect to be well looked af
... ter, with only five students per class my attention ( and hopefully your!) is all yours.

The Pilates studio is a save and dare I say fun environment to increase your body awareness and achieve your goals. Be a better posture, stronger body, easy of movement, improve technique, better balance, etc,..The list is as endless as people are different!

Private sessions, home visits, small group classes, Skype sessions are available on request.

Do not hesitate to contact me with any enquires or doubts you might have.

Looking forwards to meet you!

Ana Carvalho
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Pilates Studio
Light Centre Moorgate
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Insured By: Fitpro
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